Secrets from an All-Star Celebrity Trainer

Celebrity Trainer. Fitness Model. Actress.

L.A. based trainer Astrid Mcguire helps her clients every day, ensuring they integrate fitness and healthy living into their lifestyle. She took a minute from her busy schedule to share her typical day with Page 38.

What’s the most exciting thing that’s happening for you right now?

Being a respected female in the industry is huge. Last month Details magazine named me as one of the new rock stars of the fitness industry. I was the only female—I loved it!

Why and when did you enter the fitness industry?

I began my career as an international model, traveling, living and working in Tokyo, Milan, Barcelona, Athens, Hamburg, etc. I made a choice as a model to be a healthy one! I know how much pressure can go into looking “perfect” and I wasn’t going to let that pressure take me to a negative space. No matter what city I was in, I found a gym, made it a priority to workout and eat right. Other models started to take notice and before I knew it, I was training them too!

You train many celebrities. Can you name a few? What keeps them coming back?

Julianne Hough is one of my clients and that girl is inspiring. Her schedule is packed but she makes the commitment. I can read people and I use that for the workout. Each day we are different and I will adjust to that and still give you a great workout! I don’t like to waste time!

At Carbon38 we encourage women to seamlessly incorporate fitness and healthy living into a luxurious lifestyle. How do you make health and wellness a lifestyle, not a chore?

I believe women need to put fitness and healthy living in their lifestyle just like we do our nails, hair, facials, etc! We schedule everything, why can’t we schedule our workouts? Let’s be honest here, you can have the best hair and the on trend manicure… but if you don’t feel good in your own skin, what’s the point?!

You have such great skin! What are some of your favorite products to use?

I use all products by Project Happy Face, especially Morning to Night and the Wipe Away Pads after every workout. I love grabbing a Radiant Skin Smoothie from Earthbar too!


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