These Jewelry Entrepreneurs Will Help You Find Balance


DANNIJO jewelry sisters, Jodie and Danielle Snyder, have accessorized some of the hottest celebrities today, including the founders of Carbon38! The ladies took a break to hangout and share some of their health habits and fitness routines.

How do you seamlessly integrate healthy living into your life? How do you find that balance between work and home?

DANIELLE: We’re a very active group. SoulCycle is our go-to for a quick, high-energy workout. Jodie and I train together every day whether it’s a jog on the West Side Highway, Pilates or Plyometrics at the gym. And when the weather is nice we love to do water sports out east. We keep each other inspired. It’s always more fun to work out when you have a sister or friend to do it with. As young women entrepreneurs, we’re juggling a lot of different priorities and finding balance is key to not only our happiness, but also our health.

JODIE: I always say, “everything in moderation.” Exercise, eating healthy most of the time and getting away on the weekends as much as possible are the secret ingredients to finding balance. Running a company is a 24/7 job but it’s important to remember to turn it off at night when I’m at home so I can relax and spend time with my husband or enjoy a night out with friends.

How do you start your morning?

DANIELLE: With coffee before my workout! I run our company’s social media so I usually check Instagram, Twitter, etc. and skim the paper before I start my day.

JODIE: I read the paper, check my emails, workout and then make a smoothie and breakfast (usually egg whites and toast).

Tell us about your mission at DANNIJO. We love your video with SoulCycle a few years ago! What was your vision and mission in the video with Charlee Atkins?

DANIELLE: Charlee really captures the spirit and energy of the brand. Jodie and I were in her class when I thought of the video concept. She kind of reminded me of the fitness babes in Eric Prydz’s old music video and I wanted to do our own twist on that with Charlee. DANNIJO is about balance—doing what you love, having fun with it and looking good doing it. Confidence is a woman’s best accessory (next to a bib of course).

JODIE: Jewelry and exercise are two things that make women feel beautiful and confident so the SoulCycle collaboration was a natural one. Meanwhile, who doesn’t want to be Charlee in that video?!

What’s the most exciting thing that’s happening for you right now?

DANIELLE: I’m finally at a place where I’ve really found balance and am able to enjoy all aspects of my life—my work, my family and friends, New York, and my travels. When you’re so consumed with building a brand its hard to slow down and enjoy the little things. I think we’re finally in a place where we’ve hit a stride with DanniJo and it’s so much fun.

JODI– I just got married! We also have a few big projects in the works at DanniJo that we’re very much looking forward to launching.

As sisters, do you have similar health and fitness habits or are you totally different in how you approach your wellness? Tell us about each other!

DANIELLE: We spend so much time together that we’ve really rubbed off on each other. We were raised to eat healthy and exercise consistently (my Dad is a cardiologist). We love dessert, but we make sure to eat healthy meals for the most part so we can really enjoy our food.

JODIE: We have similar health and fitness habits and we always work out together. We love SoulCycle, Pilates and work out with a trainer together once a week. We constantly switch up our workout routine to keep it stimulating and challenging.

What’s your signature look?

DANIELLE: A black leather motorcycle jacket and red lips. High waisted jean shorts and a cropped a tee with denim converse for day along with loads of DanniJo rings and an arm party and a vintage dress or onesie with great high heels for night.

JODIE: Denim! White tee, denim jeans or skirt, my favorite denim Prada shoes and lots of DanniJo jewelry.

Can you share a health trend you’re excited about or one that you’d like to see happen?

DANIELLE: I like that fitness and fashion are starting to rub off on each other’s worlds more than ever. Particularly in New York, we’re a very fitness focused community, so it’s nice to see more and more people running around on the weekends in their fashionable leggings and hoodie’s as a reminder to hit the gym at some point in the day. I was such a tomboy when I was young so it’s a very familiar style for me and it’s very inspiring.

JODIE: I love fresh juices and smoothies and am glad it is getting more and more popular. I’ve always made one to start my day so I’m excited that now there are so many good places I can go to for a healthy afternoon pick-me-up.

What empowers you to live your best life?

DANIELLE: My family and friends, and my awareness of my potential to make positive change in the world. The success of DANNIJO’s work with the Rwandan women’s cooperative (via Indego Africa) to create sustainable economic opportunity for women in underdeveloped areas of the world inspires me. The Cocoki cooperative hand makes DanniJo packaging and the Rwandan women who make the bags hand sign their work. Each bag has a card on it that explains our collaboration and our women’s empowerment initiative. We continue to look for opportunities to make positive change in the world and use DanniJo as a platform to do well. I’m empowered to find more opportunities for DanniJo to make an impact and look forward to future collaborations where we can use Indego Africa’s paradigm.

JODIE: My family. They always push me to reach my potential and don’t ever let me just settle. It’s important to never get too comfortable.

How do you end your day?

DANIELLE: I usually do dinner with friends or cook with Jodie and Greg.

JODIE: Relaxing at home with my husband.


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