Surfing Never Looked This Good

Cynthia Rowley, founder of the Cynthia Rowley Fashion Line, shares with Page38 how she hits the Montauk waves in style.

How do you seamlessly integrate healthy living into your life? 

Everyone at CR is active and sporty. We all go to SoulCycle together. We also work in a 4 story building so we are constantly running up and down the stairs.

When did you start surfing? Tell us about it…

I bought a shack on the beach about 15 years and my friend said that to have this house, “you have to surf.” He took me out surfing and as my husband likes to say “I have been trying to surf every weekend since.”

Describe your perfect summer day?

Every day should start with putting on a bathing swimsuit, My family hardly wears shoes in the summer and we eat our meals outside. And of course, wearing a cute CR wetsuit…

What’s the most exciting thing that’s happening for you right now?

I have 2 new ventures:, which sells candy and, which sells limited edition artwork. What else do you need besides from clothes, candy and art?

Can you list some rituals that get you through the day?

I am a crazy juice-a-holic… Lots of greens and ginger— I like Juicepress a lot! I love to swim and when it gets warm, I swim every morning.

How do you start your morning?

I am shot out of a cannon!

What empowers you to live your best life?

Get ready for the most expected answer- my hubby and kids! Sorry but I do it all for them.

How do you end your day?

With Jimmy Fallon!

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