Want to Look Like a Professional Ballerina?

As a ballerina, you have to take extra care of your health and body. Do you have a routine you can’t live without?

I religiously do 40 crunches and take 2 Emergen-C’s to make sure I get enough vitamin C every day. For performance prep I visit my physical therapist Susanne Thom before every show. Also, I like feeling minty and fresh, so I can’t hit the stage until I’ve brushed my teeth and sprayed myself with perfume!

What sort of cross-training do you do to prepare for all of those pirouettes?

Pilates! I do reformer work with my Physical Therapist, so as to strengthen my abs and core. I mainly focus on my core; as a dancer, out of all the muscles in the body I need for my core to be the strongest so I can turn and balance.

What’s your signature look?

My signature look in the studio would be a Jewel Dancewear leotard, Michi leggings (Medusa is my favorite), and my Michi sweater to keep me warm. I always wear a French twist and add a fun pop of color with bright lipstick. My fave is MAC Ruby Woo.

So Why Michi?

I love that the line is made of high quality material; it is so comfortable, flattering, form fitting and doesn’t stick when I sweat. The pieces sport the mesh cutouts that keep them breathable but also super trendy. The best thing about the line is that it makes you feel confident and beautiful.

What’s your favorite Michi piece?

I LOVE the Medusa Pant. It makes me feel great in rehearsal and then all I need is a cute sweater to head out to a nice dinner. The Lionesse Sport Bra is supportive and flattering, as there is no uncomfortable underwire and I can throw the shear Artemis Tank over for a unique look.

What foods give you energy for a long day of rehearsals?

Mornings I like granola with almond milk. Throughout the day, I snack on almonds, blueberries and apples. Admittedly, I am a sucker for dark chocolate. Before a performance, I have pasta with marinara and chicken. I need the carbs and protein to get me through the next day. After working out I love to drink kombucha to replenish and rehydrate.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I am constantly striving to be better than my best. I am so lucky to go to work doing something that I love. My parents enrolled me in ballet class because I was so shy. It was a way to bring me out of my shell. Over the years ballet has become a way to express myself and let go. When I am onstage it feels like no one is around me, and I am free.

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