Quick Hits with the Founder of DryBar

Name: Alli Webb
ProfessionDrybar Founder and Professional Stylist
I had this for lunch today: Teriyaki Tofu Bowl with Brown Rice
My last workout wasBarry’s Bootcamp
My guilty pleasure is: French fries
In 15 minutes I will (be): Home!
In 15 years I hope: To be on a beach in a remote part of the world.
Alli’s Gym Bag Essentials
  1. Water
  2. Hair tie
  3. Bobby pins
  4. Detox
  5. Mints
If you could curate a perfect workout outfit what would it entail?
Slimming black leggings, a comfy yet effective and flattering sports bra and breathable tank.
What’s the best hairstyle for a woman on the go, one who’s going to head to work, pickup the kids and squeeze in a work-out?
Mai Tai! The messier the better.
Words to live by-whats your favorite quote?
Treat others how you want to be treated.

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