Want to be a Fit Boss?

Heather Dorak knows a think or two about balancing work and life. Running Pilates Platinum, her very own fitness studio, while finding time to stay fit has helped her figure out how to have it all, and she’s here to share her tricks with you!

The life of an entrepreneur is full of the unexpected. It can be hard to plan a day when, at any moment, things can change. Here are some tips on how I stay fit while living the life of an entrepreneur.


When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to embrace the inevitable need to shift your attention at a moment’s notice. Don’t waste energy trying to resist. Acceptance is hard, but makes it much easier to prioritize what’s important. When these unexpected situations arise, address them and redirect your day in a way that still leads to where you want to end up.


I wake up around 5:30am every morning to make sure I take care of myself before everyone else wakes up, which starts my day on a positive note. If you’re not a morning person, think about what’s less stressful; getting up a little earlier and having the peace of mind that your workout is done, or looking at your packed schedule and trying to fit in a workout.


Have a fun workout you can do on your own in your back pocket. If you can make it to one of those early morning workouts, like classes at my Pilates studios, great! But I understand that this isn’t always achievable. Having some workouts you can do anywhere outside is great and much easier to accomplish. Take some time to compile workouts that you can do anywhere. That way, when a free moment arises to get a workout in, you can take advantage!


In order to achieve success in business or life, you need to be accountable for the work it requires to get there. This applies equally to your fitness and wellness goals. Recruiting a friend to be a workout buddy can boost accountability for the both of you. And there’s no excuse for not making the time (that’s my least favorite excuse). There is always time for what’s important, so prioritize your physical and mental health.


When in doubt, lace up your shoes and just go run. The world is your playground when you’re running. You can create any path you like; it doesn’t need to be predetermined. Just like your life in the business world, you roll with the punches. Run straight, run left, run right, or just run!


If you do everything in your power to try and workout and it still doesn’t happen, don’t worry. It’s just one day. Don’t allow that one day to derail you from the rest of the week. Accept it and focus on getting a workout in the next day. Rest is equally important. Sometimes our rest days are unplanned so just know the body’s need to rest is just as important as getting a workout in!


Stick to these tips and I guarantee you won’t let your fitness take the back burner. Your health is as important as the rest of your personal and professional goals. Maybe your goal is to be an entrepreneur like me – you can do that and stay healthy. Remember that, use these tips, and you’ll find a happy, balanced, successful life!

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