Want to Finally See Results? These 7 Tips Will Get You There!

Nikki Sharp has been an international model, founded her own company, and helped countless women reach for the stars, and now she’s here to share some of her best tips to achiever your fitness goals! Here are some easy to implement tips from Nikki to help you on your journey to being the best you can be!


Find motivation and keep it close. We are all different and find motivation in different places. There’s no right or wrong in what motivates you, as long as you keep your motivation where you can see it daily. Whether you put pictures of people you admire on your fridge, a fitness picture on your phone, or an Instagram account full of motivational pics, continue to look at it and think about why you like it. These types of positive re-enforcement can help you make better decisions without thinking twice.


If you’ve been working out to burn calories from your last meal- or one you plan to eat later- it’s time to stop this and start loving exercise. Now you might not actually love exercise, but when you eat well you will start to naturally enjoy moving your body. Here’s something you can try: for one week, workout after you’ve eaten a good meal, or had a healthy day, instead of exercising only after a ‘bad’ meal and see how you feel. I challenge you to see how it goes! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to start looking at exercise as the reward, rather than the punishment.


Gone are the days of counting calories, macros, points or anything else. Focus on the colors on your plate, and try to eat 3 or more colors at each meal. This is an easy way to help prevent cravings and keep you feeling satisfied all day long.


If you find yourself not seeing results, take a look at your daily life and how much time you give to yourself. There will always be a phone call to take, a text to respond to, social media to post on, and emails. This will never change. It’s important to set aside ‘me time’ whether it’s lighting candles at night, calling a friend every few days, or buying fresh flowers every week. This will help you to create a positive mind frame and helps you to love yourself, which is the key to any healthy lifestyle.



When you get home from work, you’re hungry, tired and just want to eat there’s nothing in the fridge-what do you do? You reach for the worst things. Meal prepping doesn’t take long and it will save you from some bad decisions later in the week. Take 1-2 hours on a Sunday to plan meals, grocery shop and prep your food for the week. Try cooking some quinoa or brown rice, steam some vegetables, put fruit in bags to take with you and create pre-made containers full of food that are easy to grab and go.



When you have a bad day, try to reframe your mind. Look at it as a bad moment in the day, rather than something that ruined your whole day. If you cheat on your diet, eat something bad, don’t say ‘screw it’ and eat everything in sight. It was just a small portion of a good day. Showing gratitude, even when you don’t want to, will now only help you see results quicker, it will lead to a happier life.



Traveling can be hard, but not when you know how to stay healthy. Opt to bring homemade snacks with you on the plane (don’t forget to meal prep, see the next tip!), or stock up on fresh fruits when you get to airports. My personal favorites are unsalted raw almonds, chopped watermelon and cucumber (both are extremely hydrating for the plane rides), lots of water, and semi-sweet dark chocolate. That way you are not tempted to order something bad on the plane or at the airport.

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