Get Your Ultimate Summer Body


Think strong, Be strong — that’s the mantra of personal trainer and model Danielle Pascente, who helps her clients achieve that perfect Mind/Body Balance. Check out her tools to help you get that killer summer body you’re looking for!


Spend less time at the gym (20-30 minutes) and kick ass while you’re there. Give 100% for the duration you’re at the gym. Incorporate intervals and endurance exercises so you’re working at max intensity with little to no rest periods.


Ditch the sugary drinks and stick to water. The health benefits of drinking water are countless. Wake up first thing in the morning and drink a cold glass of water. Carry a water bottle around with you all day for a reminder. The daily recommendation for women is 2.2 Liters (not including sweat loss- so if you’re working out – drink more water).



Add treadmill sprints into your workout. Not a runner? THAT’S OK! These work intervals don’t have to be long (20 seconds all out sprint, followed by a 10 second rest on the sides. Repeat 8-10 times). The benefits: increased calorie burn/speeding metabolism throughout the day.


Make some room in your weekly workout regimen for weights! There is a misunderstanding that cardio is the only way to “slim down.” SO FALSE. Challenge yourself to a simple weight routine for both your upper/lower body. Building muscle will help you lose fat!


Set aside 20 minutes each night to pack your breakfast/lunch for the following day. Whether you work at a desk or not, having healthy snacks and meals throughout the day will be key to weight loss. Ditch the office donuts or happy hour with colleagues and prioritize your health.


Be consistent! I tell my clients to give it their all for 30 days minimum. In order to make something a habit, you have to give it a decent amount of time to stick. Weight will not shed rapidly in one week. It’s all about showing up and being consistent 70-80% of the time.


Change up your workouts but keep moving. I know it can be monotonous at times but try new things! Get outside, go for a hike, take a new yoga class, try a beach bootcamp, or workout with a friend. Whatever motivates you to stay active – DO IT!

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