Shake Up That Stale Routine

Lacey Stone, one of Hollywood’s hottest trainers, knows that sometimes you need to shake things up to get to the next level in your workouts. You need to provide your body with different exercises, forcing yourself to adapt, in order to bust through plateaus and keep getting better. Here are some of Lacey’s favorite moves to switch it up and give you the body you want.



Using a stability ball for certain moves will engage your core and force your muscles to work a little harder. The added instability engages muscles to compensate and gives traditional exercises, like the tricep extension, an added boost.



Try using a stability ball for single arm or leg moves too, like this one armed row. That’ll force the side you’re not working to get involved, and add some difficulty that’ll help work your core muscles while isolating other body parts.



Grab your dumbbell in one hand and lie on the floor with your opposite leg parallel to the ground and the other foot on the floor. Use the empty hand for balance, and push the dumbbell up while lifting your leg, meeting in the middle of your body. Do 12-15 reps and switch arms and legs! This move is great for your obliques, and is a huge improvement over the basic crunches to help you get that six pack!



Medicine balls, or any weighted ball, are also another great way to switch it up. In this exercise, you’ll be keeping your feet off the floor while your legs are bent at the knees. Keeping your core engaged, pass the medicine ball under your legs from hand to hand – it’ll improve hand-eye coordination, while shredding your stomach and arms!


Make sure that you don’t add too many new moves at once! Keep some of your favorite exercises from previous workouts, like these bicep curls, to make sure you don’t lose all the gains you’ve made!

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