“There is more to you than you think”


The former model, designer, and mother shares with Carbon38 how to stay glowing and healthy in Bahamian style.

Let us take a peek inside your gym bag! What will we find?

No gym bag. Most of the time it’s a $12 plastic zip clutch from China that says BOSS LADY on it. Inside this will be my Bahamian $10 needed for the island gym, my i-phone needed to track meandering teenagers, and a daily website sales (www.indiahicks.com) and a hair tie. The island gym would surprise most people. I think the equipment is about three generations old and for the most part is held together by duct tape, and I wish I was joking here. It’s a clever combination of gym and sauna, as there is no AC and some of the windows no longer open. But that’s island life. In London I go to a fancy slick gym, where Madonna exercises. There are lots of staff who run over with fresh white towels if a bead of sweat appears.

You’re a fan of running – how did you start your jogging habit? What keeps you going?

You would imagine it developed when I went to an outward bound school, Gordonstoun, in the North of Scotland for two years, cold showers in the morning, climbing mountains in the afternoon. But actually it started when I began modeling. I was travelling all the time and there was no routine to anything. It cost nothing, did not involve finding a gym in a foreign city and was a wonderful way to sightsee, during the small amount of free time I had.

Let’s talk about your glowing complexion; how do you keep your skin hydrated while living under the hot Caribbean sun? Do you have a secret beauty regimen?

I have no secrets or clever answers I am afraid. I drink a lot of water and use a lot of sunscreen. I don’t wear a hat which is probably a mistake. But mainly I thank my mother for inheriting her skin.

We hear you just had a terrific trip to Italy. Name some trip highlights. How did you manage to stay svelte while faced with plates of pasta?

Living so close to America I am very aware of the new ‘gluten free’ trend. Even the menus have little asterisks that say ‘gluten free’. Reassuringly Italy has not bothered to pay attention this – it’s gluten all the way. Long, late, lazy pasta lunches were followed by even longer, later pasta dinners. And breakfast began with a gigantic croissant that came pre-filled with jam. Most mornings I would climb the 2,500 steps to the small monastery high in the hills and most afternoons I would swim in the deep cold ocean. I tried jogging along the winding Amalfi coastal road but its tricky as cars and trucks with hot blooded Italian men would slow down to whistle and shout out inviting me to join them.

Guilty pleasure?

Chocolate for breakfast. I keep wondering if that ameliorates all the goodness of the green juice I drink just after?

Words to live by – what’s your favorite quote?

The Gordonstoun school motto “Plus est en Vous” which means “There is more in you than you think”


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