Interior Design meets Healthy Living


“Unexpected” and “fearless” are two words used to describe Kelly Wearstler. Not only is she a queen of interiors, commercial and residential alike, Wearstler also collects accolades in the sphere of jewelry and fashion design. We offer a look into this glowing style goddess’ healthy priorities.

Let us take a peek inside your gym bag! What will we find?

Lavender wipes for hot yoga. A Camelbak PB Free bottle with Alkaline water, lemon and cayenne extract – I drink it all day.

If you could curate a perfect workout outfit what would it entail?

A tee, my black on black Nike running shoes, leggings cut to the knee and Slim Ease plastic shorts – they were designed for Ballet dancers to keep their joints insulated. I love working out in them. I’d layer on a sweatshirt to for extra sweating.

We hear you are a fan of Barry’s – how did your habit start? Who’s your favorite instructor?

Barry is my favorite instructor. A friend took me along to a class years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. They really ride you. I like to be pushed and inspired. It’s a super intense work out.

Tell us about your green juice habit? Favorite recipe? Favorite brand?

I especially love the juice bar at Erewhon Market. I prefer to use celery juice as a base as it is less sweet. My daily juice has kale, spinach, celery, ginger, lemon, beets and a hint of apple with an E3live shot. It gives me nutrients and energy that lasts throughout the day.



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