Australia’s Hottest Designer on How She Stays Healthy

The Founder of Lorna Jane has made her mark in Oz by creating an activewear line that allows you to get your sweat on in style. She shares exclusively with Page38 her philosophy behind her brand and healthy way of living.

You’re an advocate for fitness, health and wellness. How does it feel to represent more than just healthy living but also fashion?

It seems so natural for me because fitness and fashion are my two passions in life; and to combine the two in a business has been a dream come true. I started creating activewear at a time when women felt they couldn’t feel stylish as well as comfortable while exercising. We all know that when we look and feel good in our activewear, we feel much more motivated to workout, so what better way to get people moving than to create a brand that would inspire them to work out more often!

As a successful woman who leads an active life how do you make fitness and healthy living a priority?

I have lived my life for as long as I can remember guided by my personal philosophy of Move, Nourish, Believe; I move my body ever day, I nourish from the inside out, and I truly believe anything is possible when you are willing to work for it.

Do you have a favorite piece in your most recent line that can transition easily from studio to street?

I love the Amy Full Length Pants. I can easily go from the office to the yoga studio in style, by just changing my top and shoes. You’re ready for anything with just a statement accessory and a great pair of heels!

The Marble Jacket as it’s one of those great quick dry bomber style jackets. I wear this with a Louis Vuitton bracelet and my Isabel Marant sneakers. As much as we love fashion we always ask can you workout in this and can it adapt to your daily life. If you could get a few different uses for your purchase then it’s definitely worth it.

Also, all of our bras have a clip for added support which is great for working out then I unclip when I’m getting a coffee or juice with my girlfriends because it’s too much on my shoulders.

What’s your workout of the moment?

Strength training! I train with my strength coach twice a week, as it is definitely the most important workout you can do to achieve a super toned body. I know some women used to be scared of getting ‘too muscly’ but they are now realizing that when done properly the extreme benefits of strength training are a firmer, stronger and more sculpted body.

Favorite pre or post-workout snack or beverage?

My super green smoothie! I sip on this after I workout as it’s packed with natural fibers to cleanse my body and digestive system. It tastes amazing and one serving is the equivalent of over three cups of dark leafy green vegetables! Sometimes I will add a little protein powder into the mix to help with muscle recovery.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I have this ritual where I layout my activewear for the morning. It really makes you look forward to it. And if you walk past it, it’s a walk of shame sort of thing. Having a plan and having a ritual really helps you achieve the things you want.





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