This Entrepreneur Shows You How to Have it All


Susan Feldman is the co-founder and chief merchandising officer of One Kings Lane. Traveling the world to find exciting and new products, Susan always makes time for her health and wellness. Page38 sits down with Susan to learn how she manages to do it all.

At Page38 we encourage women to seamlessly incorporate healthy living into a luxurious lifestyle. How do you make health and wellness a lifestyle, not a chore?

I think you just do it. I feel so much better when I am healthy and that keeps me going.

What’s the most exciting thing that’s happening for you right now?

It still would have to be everything happening at One Kings Lane. One thing that I am really loving are my travels. This year I have been to France, India and I am heading off to Peru in a few weeks. I love going to all these places to find fabulous one of a kind items to bring back to our members at One Kings Lane.

Can you share a health trend you’re excited about or one that you’d like to see happen?

I love TRX. It is such a versatile piece of equipment and it gets me moving muscles I forgot I even had.

As a woman who does it all, how do you integrate healthy living into your schedule? How do you find that balance between work and home?

In order to keep ones sanity I think it is essential to figure out how to integrate exercise into my daily schedule. For me I have to exercise in the morning. I am a very early riser so I always exercise first thing in the morning… very early usually around 5:30am or 6am.

I am excited though that in our new office in Los Angeles we have space to actually offer exercise classes to our employees. We now have Pilates on Tuesday and yoga on Wednesday. Everyone is loving it.

What’s your signature look?

Classic with a twist. I am all about investment pieces as the foundation of my look. This way it is easy to dress it up or down.

Can you list some rituals that get you through the day? Face care, juicing, workout, recovery, maintenance, supplements?

I am pretty lo fi when it comes to these things. I just try to eat well and exercise at least five times a week.

What is your favorite room in your home?

It would have to be my kitchen. We recently renovated it and it is definitely the center of our home. It is where everyone gathers and where all the action takes place from eating to hanging out.

How do you start your morning?

I get up at the crack of dawn do emails and then hit the gym.

How do you end your day?

I turn off all my devices, sign off for the day and head upstairs where I decompress by reading or watching something I DVR’ed.

What are your favorite workout brands and/or in your gym bag that you can’t live without?

I am obsessed with Nike Free shoes. I travel all the time and they are the perfect sneakers. Of course I love athleisure… who doesn’t. We have the best One Kings Lane company sweatshirt which I live in both at the gym and outside.

What empowers you to live your best life?

My family!

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