Quick Hits with Sophie Elkus



The mastermind behind Angel Food Style, Sophie Elkus, gives us a lesson in all things whimsical, lighthearted and lust-worthy on and off the field.


Name: Sophie Elkus

School: University of Southern California

Major: Public Relations, Minor- Marketing

I had this for lunch today: Kale salad and a side of (gluten free & vegan!) macaroni from Veggie Grill

My last workout was: a Physique 57 class

My guilty pleasure is: Dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt

In 15 minutes I will (be): Editing photos for Angel Food Style and checking today’s emails.

In 15 years I hope: I hope to be an established international fashion influencer, dipping my toes in styling, designing, hosting and writing.

I’m inspired by: I love to get outside, walk around, people watch and travel. I love seeing street style firsthand in Los Angeles, New York or abroad. I often spy an outfit or color combination I may no have thought of myself. When I’m out of my home element is usually when the most imaginative, interesting ideas come to me – through artwork, clothing, architecture, delicious food, a memorable film, anything.

Tell us a little about Angel Food Style and why you started your blog.

Angel Food Style is a colorful, lighthearted and feminine look book sharing my personal style as well as beauty tips and fashion trends. I started it in 2012 after years of being an avid fashion blog and magazine reader. My friends constantly ask me for fashion, hair and beauty advice, and I wanted to share the knowledge I had. It’s a virtual resume of my writing, a place to find fun fashion ideas and an online scrapbook of the hundreds of magazine pages I’ve ripped out over the years.

What advice would you give to your classmates for balancing a healthy lifestyle with workload and social obligations?

My best advice is to make the time to do what you love, but not at the expense of your health! I love blogging and I fit it into my school schedule, but it also comes with showroom appointments, events and meeting. I do my best to save time to workout and get enough sleep. When I don’t get rest, I’m overtired and unproductive. 99% of the time it’s not worth it to stay up late trying to accomplish my to-do list. I aim for 8 hours of sleep a night to look and feel my best.

What’s in Sophie’s GYM BAG?

  1. DARK CHOCOLATE AND CHERRY CASHEW KIND BAR. May be addicted to these. I could eat three a day! They’re gluten-free, vegan and great for snacking in between meals. I usually have one in my bag.
  2. LORNA JANE SPORTS BRA. Lorna makes my favorite sports bras in the brightest colors and patterns. They fit perfectly and last for years.
  3. ELTA SUNSCREEN SPF 45. I’ve been using this sunscreen for a few years now and will never try another one. It’s lightweight, non-oily, and feels silky. I think its so important to wear sunscreen everyday; it’s better to prevent sun damages than try to fix it later.
  4. BKR GLASS WATER BOTTLE. I never realized how many plastic water bottles I throw away until I started using this! BKR makes dishwashable silicone sleeves in pretty, fashion-forward colors based on current designer collections.
  5. FRESH SUGAR LIP BALM. My all-time favorite lip balm. It’s well worth the price, especially in the wintertime. LA weather can be dry!

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