How Carbon38 Travels Healthy

One of the things we’re hoping to do at Page38 is to give you a Behind the Scenes look at the team that runs Carbon38. We’re not just a group of people trying to sell athleisure clothing; we’re trying to live better, and healthier, each and every day. We try to practice what we preach, so we wanted to share, after all our holiday trips, the kinds of tips and tricks that help us stay healthy on long road trips or during air travel. We asked our crew to tell us how THEY eat healthy, and here’s what they said!

Katie, CEO

Favorite Healthy Airport Restaurant: Real Food Daily!  So excited I can now have my macro plate on the tarmac.
Favorite Healthy Car Snack: I try to keep food out of my car – finding a 4 month old mummified apple slice under your seat is never fun.
Travel Eating Tip: DRINK WATER!  As soon as I hit the airport I buy one of those giant SmartWater bottles.  I try to chug the entire thing between take off and landing.  It’s good to have an aisle seat cause I’m up and down a lot running to the loo!

Caroline, President

Favorite Healthy Airport Restaurant: I’m not one to like airplane food but I love the LUVO meals on Delta.  I save the restaurant for a LUVO wrap or hard boiled egg and quinoa cake if I’m on an AM flight for breakfast.

Favorite Healthy Car Snack: Kind Bars

Travel Eating Tip: When you land, enjoy the food where you are traveling and don’t be too strict – have lots of pasta in Italy or paella in Spain!  Getting out of your normal routine will help you re-charge and be healthier after your vacation.

Yoon, Chief Merchant

Favorite Healthy Airport Restaurant: Lemonade (LAX)
Favorite Healthy Car Snack: A portable pack of almond butter and raw almonds!
Travel Eating Tip: I try to pack a banana and an apple in my bag. I also pack my favorite organic green tea bags so I always have them with me.


Steffi, Office Manager

Favorite Healthy Airport Restaurant: Farmers Market at LAX Terminal 5 — not really a restaurant, but I always find something healthy to eat there.

Favorite Healthy Car Snack: I always keep a healthy Trail Mix and Kind Bars in my glove box and a couple bottles of water in my trunk. A great thing when you’re stuck in LA traffic!

Travel Eating Tip: No caffeine before/during a flight, stick with tea, juice or water. I also always request a healthy meal on any international flight, to avoid the “chicken or pasta” options.

Stephanie, Buyer

Favorite Healthy Airport Restaurant: Lemonade, or at LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal they have CHAYA and VINO VOLO, which I love!

Favorite Healthy Car Snack: Fresh Fruit or Nuts

Travel Eating Tip(s): Stay hydrated! planes are very dehydrating and often you eat when really all you need is some water. Always pack a healthy non perishable snack. I like to take my favorite bar. If you are flying long haul flights (11-17hrs) you can pre-request a healthy meal. Many carriers have a variety of options. They have reduced sodium, gluten free, vegan, so see what they’ve got!

Alex, Customer Service

Favorite Healthy Airport Restaurant: Lemonade (LAX), anywhere else I usually end up at a Starbucks and choose the least offensive menu item- one of their Fruit & Cheese or Protein plates usually works.

Favorite Healthy Car Snack: A low-sugar granola or protein bar.

Travel Eating Tip: LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER!!! I always try to keep a banana, trail mix, or a healthy food bar of some sort on my person, as well.

Nicole, Merchant’s Assistant

Favorite Healthy Airport Restaurant: Homeboy Cafe at LAX (it’s KIND of healthy!)

Favorite Healthy Car Snack: Apples and/or pretzels.
Travel Eating Tip: Make sure to pack a bag of almonds and a granola bar!


Courtney, Graphic Designer

Favorite Healthy Airport Restaurant: Lemonade!

Favorite Healthy Car Snack: Kind Bars and Apples.

Travel Eating Tip: Cut up and bag fresh fruit and/or veggies so it’s easy to eat on the go or when you don’t have access to healthy options throughout the day!

Rachel, Marketing Coordinator

Favorite Healthy Airport Restaurant: I don’t know! It’s been too long since I’ve been to an airport!

Favorite Healthy Car Snack: Kind Bars!

Travel Eating Tip: Bring your own snacks; and make sure it’s something you actually want to eat. I like trail mix.

Gia, Operations

Favorite Healthy Airport Restaurant: Lemonade is really good.

Favorite Healthy Car Snack: I really like Baked Lays, but those aren’t really “healthy”, so I’ll go with Trail Mix or a Kind Bar!

Travel Eating Tip: I try and eat something healthy before I go, and then make sure I have something to snack on, like nuts, so I don’t eat all the dark chocolate my mom sneaksinto my carry-on after I leave her house!

Ashley, Warehouse Manager

Favorite Healthy Airport Restaurant: SFO – Napa Farms Market and The Plant

Favorite Healthy Car Snack: Sprouted nuts and Gigi’s Remix

Travel Eating Tip: Prepare! I always pack a smaller cooler with food and snacks so I am not tempted to eat unhealthy food at the airport. #alwaysprepared! I try to shop the day before at my favorite market, Erewhon, and buy “grab’n’go” food like vegetarian sushi rolls, kale salad, wraps etc. Always plan for a few extra snacks, because lets face it, you’re always hungry and bored on the plane! A piece or two of dark chocolate or something sweet is a must!

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