How to Motivate Yourself to Workout When You’re Tired

Hey beautiful people! How many times have we skipped workouts because we’re tired? Fatigue can be a valid excuse to skip a workout and get some rest, especially if you struggle with a condition like chronic fatigue syndrome. If you find yourself constantly talking yourself out of a workout because you’re tired, try some of these tips to see if you can get off your butt and get moving!


Find some Fitspo!

Seeing people living a healthy active lifestyle, you start to think to yourself, “If they can do it, so can I!”

Focus on the Results

Whether you’re going for better endurance, less fat or more strength, think about what you want to get out of your active lifestyle. Yes, you might still be tired, but it’s better to be tired after a killer workout, right?

Learn to Listen to Your Body

Leaning to distinguish between your body being exhausted and needing rest and your mind saying “Ugh, I’m tired” is a big help. When your body is truly fatigued, you almost feel like you’re starting to get sick. When it’s mental, you’ll find yourself inventing reasons not to go. When it’s your mind, just walk to wherever your spandex is located and start putting them on. Your feet will follow, and before you know it, you’ll be out the door.

Try an Early Workout

It’s not easy for everyone, but if you can workout at the beginning of your day, you won’t have to think about it anymore, because it’ll already be done!

Do Something

Walk somewhere! Get up and dance! Just move! Go up and down the stairs in your building. It doesn’t have to be big, but something is always better than nothing.

Take a Power Nap

Sometimes a little catnap is all you need. You can learn more about whether naps are a good choice for you, and what type of nap suits you best.



The reality of life is that we all get tired. However, we can’t use that as a constant excuse to miss out on living an active lifestyle. Plan ahead, and learn to roll with the punches when they come.

Remember, getting yourself to workout, even when you’re tired, will leave you feeling proud that you’re getting closer to your goals, while doing nothing will just leave you feeling like, well, nothing.

Hopefully implementing some of these tips will help!

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