My Day with Carrie Bradshaw Lied!

Recently, our ambassador Aerial Cetnar spent the day with one of our favorite bloggers, Kathleen from Carrie Bradshaw Lied! Kathleen modeled some cool clothes, and Aerial helped her with some yoga by the beach. Here’s Aerial on her day with Kathleen:

Being a yoga instructor requires a great deal of mental flexibility when it comes to providing students with not only what they need, but additionally what their bodies will allow at the time. Along with each individual’s body uniqueness, you also have to consider their differences in specific bone structure and muscles. For example, personally I struggle with varying hip flexibility between my right and left hip. The same goes for my left and right side of my lower back. Balance is key when practicing yoga, so what you do on one side, you must also do on the other. This is also true for certain poses that benefit largely from doing an opposite pose afterward. For example, folding forward after a deep backbend in order to lengthen the spine.


Keeping this knowledge in mind, it was so fun getting to know Kathleen, blogger for Carrie Bradshaw Lied, and seeing how differently her body works and moves as an individual that doesn’t spend much time doing yoga. So, we decided, why not learn on the beach under the sun and along the pretty waves of the ocean? Of course, I stuck with the most basic, necessary to beginners, poses to get her warmed up. I taught her the Surya Namaskar Series of Vinyasa Flow Yoga and a couple of other poses to add on. She was such a fast learner! Kathleen kept mentioning how much it was making her feel like she should do more yoga, noticing the parts of her body stretching that she hadn’t felt in a long time.


Overall, showing Kathleen what yoga is all about was such a fun experience! You also can’t beat the view we had. We shared some giggles and hugs, but afterward felt all stretched out and zen for the day!


If you want to hear more from Aerial, check our her Instagram!

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