Radiate from the Inside Out

Fitness model, trainer, and entrepreneur and popular health & wellness expert, Christine Bullock shares her secrets to uncovering your healthiest, happiest, most radiant self.

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1. Take a Bite Out of Life
You are what you eat, so make sure that what you put in your mouth (and on your body) helps to rebuild cells and give you maximum energy levels! Every day I eat foods rich in omegas for soft, supple hair and skin and antioxidants to prevent aging that occurs from free radicals in the environment or that build up in the body from working out. Fat-burning super foods rich in nutrients and vitamins also help my body perform optimally.

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2. Anti-Aging Workouts
Long, exhaustive workouts stress the body and can produce free radicals, which have been linked to an increase in chronic and degenerative illness. Get the most out of your workout with short bursts of high-intensity exercises that combine multiple moves to work several muscle groups at once. This type of workout also helps burn calories all day and foster a youthful metabolism. Some of my favorite total body toners are the Breakdancer, the Single Leg Burpee, and the Ab Flip.

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3. Youthful Movement
It took hitting my mid-30’s to realize I needed to focus my daily movements to support my internal health rather than my external six-pack. The mobility and flexibility of muscles, fascia, and ligaments are formed when we’re young and are the basis for all other movements. I “flow” a few times a week combining Pilates, gyro tonics, Thai Chi, and primal movements that re-align my posture, hydrate my joints, and make me feel young and pain-free. If your hips are too tight to crawl, you can’t expect them to perform correctly when you stand up and run. Get back to playful movements such as Bear Crawls, Malasana Squats, or Pilates Roll-Ups to reset and reverse your body’s movement deficiencies.

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4. Beauty Sleep
The body works during the day and repairs at night so . To get the most out of your workouts and help ward off the signs of aging with a good night’s rest!

Here’s my Beauty Sleep Routine: First I apply Kayo’s Cellular Repair Evening Oil all over my body to energize the skin’s repair process so I wake up with firm, supple, more radiant skin all over. This is important when you are modeling for Carbon 38 the next day! Then I shut off all the lights, social media and my brain an hour before my bedtime to allow some time to chill out. I lie down and read a book, which tells my body “time for sleep” and I fall asleep the instant I close my eyes every night!

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