4 Tips for Washing Your Spandex


When you wear activewear the way it’s meant to be worn, one things for sure: it’s going to get dirty. Sure, we love wearing a pair of our favorite spandex all dressed up for a night out on the town as much as the next girl, but that spandex is made to work out in, and working out means getting sweaty. There’s nothing worse than being stuck next to that one girl in yoga class who hasn’t seemed to wash her leggings since she bought them a year ago.

But maybe she’s just worried about ruining her favorite spandex. After all, it sucks when you toss your favorite leggings in the wash and an oddly-fitting weirdly-colored pair emerge from the dryer.

Since we’re such activewear experts over here, we wanted to share four tips that we use to make sure our spandex stays clean, fits well, and looks great.

Get Cold
No matter what you’ve been told, we can’t stress this enough: ditch the hot water. It’s bad for the fit and color of your spandex, and it’s also not going to get your stuff any cleaner. Plus, washing your clothes with cold water will save you a ton of money and it’s super good for the environment. That’s a win-win-win.

Hang Ups
Whatever you do, avoid the dryer at all costs. Air drying your spandex ensures that it won’t shrink and since most activewear is made with quick drying fabric, it won’t be long before you can wear them out the door! Invest in a drying rack or use your bathroom’s towel racks and shower curtain rod to lay out your clothes!

Bag It
If your constantly pulling out sports bras with tangled straps from the washing machine, grab a delicates bag that’s designed for lingerie and toss your sports bras in there before you wash. They’ll get just as clean, but the elastic straps won’t wear out or get tangled up!

Solo Spandex
If you’re washing something for the first time, wash it alone. No matter what the manufacturer says, sometimes dyes can bleed, and you’re better off spending a little more time washing it on it’s own than pulling out a bunch of clothes that are now slightly pinker than they were when they went into the wash.

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