4 Secrets for Arms like Steel

Andrea Speir 1
Rocking the Pacific Tight from Varley and the Antigravity Bra from Michi

After years spent teaching pilates at some of the top Los Angeles studios, Andrea Speir opened her own studio, Speir Pilates, in Santa Monica which specializes in a method of pilates that incorporates cardio and the more traditional pilates movements. Today, she’s shared a few tips on how to get the arms you’ve always dreamed of.

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Andrea’s wearing the L’urv Supernova Legging and the Alta Racerback Bra from Olympia


Visualizing the muscle you’re trying to activate and try to feel it working while doing your exercises — it’ll help get the muscle to work in high gear while forcing you to focus!

Andrea Speir 3
Rocking the Pacific Tight from Varley and the Antigravity Bra from Michi

Tri Harder

Did you know the tricep muscle makes up almost ⅔ of the muscle found in your arms? By focusing in on tricep exercises, you’ll get tight, chiseled arms instead of a double swing when you wave your arms!

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Andrea’s killing it in Olympia’s Petra Tank and the Sweat It Trunks from Alo Yoga

Cracking Walnuts

When doing back exercises focus on a “lat connection” — it can be helpful to imagine cracking a walnut between your shoulder blades as you draw them together. Your back is an essential part of strengthening and toning your arms and removing the “bra fat bulge” and can move more weight than your arms alone, so by utilizing your back muscles properly you can force your arms to do even more work!

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Looking hot in Olympia’s Petra Tank and the Sweat It Trunks from Alo Yoga

Stay in Control

Focus on moving the weight with control; if you whip the weight around quickly, you won’t allow those little, intricate muscles the proper time to engage. Work with a deliberate and concentrated pace. When you lower the weight, make sure you are still engaging the muscles, not just on the exertion. Make every moment of the exercise count!

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Rocking the Curious Adventures Crop top from L’urv and the Sheila Legging from Alo Yoga

BONUS: Dive Bomber Pushup

Here’s an exercise that will work your back, shoulders and arms, all at the same time! Full body baby!

  • Start in the Downward Dog position, your feet hip distance apart, your arms shoulder-width apart and your body in an inverted V position.
  • Lower your shoulders towards the floor and swoop your chest into and through the pushup position, ending up with your arms straight, your chest out and your head held high.
  • Hold for a moment, and reverse the movement — that’s one rep! Try performing 5 at the end of your workout to really blast your arms, back, and shoulders!

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