Raising the Barre

In honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, here’s one of our favorite “Mom”-centric articles from Lauren Decierdo!


Lauren Decierdo isn’t your average woman – she was teaching her Barre classes up until she was only a few weeks out from her due date! That’s dedication. We were inspired by her fit, fashionable pregnancy (and her adorable new baby boy) to give you ideas on how activewear and workouts like barre can help during your own pregnancy!


A class like barre is a perfect pregnancy workout option. You’ll get to rock some bright, colorful (and comfy) spandex, and get in a low-impact workout to help strengthen your core and back.
A long sleeve tee is a perfect option as we transition into fall. You’ll stay warm, and the looser cut will give you plenty of room when you’re stretching out in pilates or yoga.
If you want to flex those style muscles, a stunning one-piece jumpsuit is the answer. A bold print keeps all eyes on you and your adorable baby bump while the no-waistband fit keeps you feeling relaxed and comfortable all workout long.
Stretching while pregnant will keep you flexible and help prevent tight muscles — rock your favorite floral spandex while you’re at home, and you’ll always be ready for a quick stretch!
It’s important to stay healthy during pregnancy, and equally important to feel as beautiful as you are. Activewear pieces can help you accomplish both, whether you’re working out or lounging on the couch.

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