4 Tips to Get Back Your Pre-Baby Body

Lindsey is rocking the Starlet Bra from Alo!

Whether you’re trying to get back to that pre-baby body or just looking to unearth your six-pack for the first time, we’ve enlisted SoulCycle instructor and all-around awesome mom Lindsay Buckley to share her secrets to getting the abs you want!

Keep Your Body Moving. Abs can’t be spot-trained, it’s a whole body thing!

Kill it in a Spin Class and Chill shirt!

The Plank is Your Best Friend. Master it, and add in single arm or single leg variations to work your core.

These Chicane Leggings are HOT.

Abs are Chiseled in the Gym, but only Revealed in the Kitchen!

These Alo Airbrush Leggings and the Nucleon Bra are a perfect match.

Center Your Diet around greens and lean proteins like Eggs, Chicken and Avocado.


Drink TONS of Water! Staying hydrated is key!

Stay hydrated with the S’well Bottle while you rock these Core Performance Leggings and Terri Crop!

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