3 Reasons To Try A Makeup Detox This Fall

Going au natural isn’t so common in a Kim and Kylie-inspired world—but it’s so refreshing to see a woman without caked on makeup. I’m going to be completely honest: I think women are perfect the way they are. But I understand that there is a time and place for makeup to enhance natural beauty.

So when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I did a total 180 and completely changed my beauty products. I was shocked to learn that some of my favorite cremes, cleansers, and treatments weren’t safe to use during pregnancy … which really makes you wonder if these items are safe for us in general.

Switching over to organic and natural products deeply impacted my health, skin, and life, and I think everyone can benefit from a makeup detox (even if you’re not growing a tiny human!).

Conventional beauty products contain harsh chemicals

Our skin is actually a huge organ, but it’s very delicate and porous. Our bodies absorb whatever is slathered onto our faces into the bloodstream, and transports it to tissues and organs. Some of the most common harmful ingredients found in generic beauty products include chemicals like phthalates, lead, aluminum, sodium lauryl sulfate, BHA, boric acid, fragrance, and parabens. Many of these products have been proven to be hormone disrupters, irritants, and even cancer-causing. What we put on has not only an effect on what we look like on the outside, but it can affect and may even harm our bodies on the inside.

Organic products improve skin

Natural and organic products are rich in nutrients, usually because they’re made with naturally occurring oils, botanicals, and sometimes fruit and veggie extracts. Oils are healthy fats that easily permeate the skin’s surface and the high percentage of antioxidants in botanicals support skin elasticity.

All-natural products are green, in every sense

Production of conventional beauty products is seriously damaging. They often use petroleum, aluminum, and lead (to name a few) which are harsh substances that are difficult or impossible to recycle and reuse. Plus, the mining that takes place to access these commodities is usually done in areas like the Amazon, where thousands of acres of land are stripped of wildlife and destroyed.

Hey, there’s a reason everyone from Miranda Kerr to Gwyneth Paltrow is hopping on the organic beauty train. Natural beauty products work really well!  Switching to clean products can even help with skin issues like acne and aging. Some of my favorite brands are Josie Maran, The Organic Bunny, and 100 Percent Pure.

By making the switch, you can still keep your skin glowing, but even better is you can keep your body healthy.

Chanelle Lagace is a  Carbon38 #Team38 Trainer and a Master Trainer at Soulcycle in Houston, TX. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and use her #Team38 personal link or code CHANELLELAG50 for her discount when you shop Carbon38. 

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