How A Master Trainer Preps For A Photoshoot

Photoshoot Prep – gasp!!! I’ve been an athlete since I can remember, I’m far from a model, but pictures are forever, and my dad always taught me to put my best foot forward… My hectic schedule consists of: running a studio, race-prep, and catering to my personal clients, so free time is a luxury. Check out my 4-week countdown to a photoshoot.

  1. SKINCARE and diet are EVERYTHING! My super simple skincare regimen consists of washing my face in the am and pm, plus post-workout. I use a light moisturizer in the am (my esthetician brings it from Europe), and on a good day I use some concealer, bronzer, and fill in my eyebrows. (If you’re young and reading this – please don’t over pluck your eyebrows… Mine have NEVER grown back!) I’m in my 30’s, so I’ve added a basic eye cream and I wear a minimum of 15 spf sunscreen daily (35+ if I’m running outside.) Monthly personalized facials are part of my routine – I’m lucky – I have an incredible medical esthetician in my studio so scheduling is a breeze and she hunts me down if I’ve gone too long without a visit. I absolutely believe in investing on the front end to keep unwanted aging at bay.
  2. DIET – what I put in my body is a direct reflection of how I FEEL and how my skin looks. I drink lemon water consistently, it is hydrating, alkaline, and detoxifying. I’m a huge foodie and LOVE sweets; however, avoiding sugar, gluten, and dairy make me feel better and decrease inflammation. A typical day in “PREP” mode consists of: a super food protein shake in the am, berries and/or eggs as a snack, and veggies and protein for lunch and dinner (with some carbs nestled in post-workout.) It isn’t new news nor glamorous. Real food, a reasonable portion size, and a weekly cheat meal after my long runs or crazy intense intervals to stave off cravings.
  3. EXERCISE – is a must and I can’t stress how consistency is key. My schedule is hectic, so an uninterrupted 60 minute workout isn’t always in the cards. Every morning I wake up and take 20 minutes (or more if I have time) to do some mobility/breathe work on my foam roller and some soft tissue work with my Yoga Tune Up Balls and Fascia Blaster. My mind/spirit enjoys the peacefulness of the am and my body appreciates the TLC before an action packed day. I can usually commit to 3x a week for a full out HIIT, interval, cardio/and or lift but I’m all for sneaking in 20 mins of what I can between meetings and clients. Every minute counts!
  4. REST – is a GAME CHANGER. I’m a horrible sleeper and have been since I can remember. I prefer to be a night owl but that doesn’t go well with a 5:30am (or earlier) wakeup call so I rely on quick naps, meditation, and extra ZZZZ’s when my schedule will allow. Sleep is important because it’s our time to regenerate and make the gains from the sweat we endure during the day. Workout like crazy and miss your beauty sleep – your body won’t be happy. Workouts cause stress – in addition to day- to-day stress. Too much stress for an extended period of time can cause a slew of issues. Aim for 8 hours of sleep when possible – I promise your body will thank you.  

Consistency and structure are key…I do my best to stick to the structure above even when I’m not prepping for a shoot and hope you can too!

Andrea Wise is a  Carbon38 #Team38 Trainer, and the owner and head coach at ASCEND, the highly acclaimed boutique training center in downtown Chicago serving the ‘who’s who’ of Chicago business executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Use her #Team38 personal link or code ANDREAWISELIFE for her discount when you shop Carbon38.

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