How To Rock Your Carbon38 Style During Pregnancy

I am so excited to share some of my favorite non-maternity, maternity pieces found at Carbon38. In my video, “My Workout Regimen + Maternity Workout Style at 31 WEEKS PREGNANT”, I talk about my personal workout regimen along with sporty pieces great for before, during, and after pregnancy!

You can watch the video here.

A summary of my workout:

Mind: Meditation, and the books I use.

Body: SLT + Prenatal Yoga, watch how I modify.

Beauty: I talk about where TRUE BEAUTY comes from.

Wait until the end for my fun announcement which I talked about in my last video + the end credits for details on Carbon38 pieces.

Carbon 38 Pieces + Links:


I love the neoprene feel of this tank top. It reminds me of snorkeling in Hawaii:) I see how it expands with my belly as I progress in my pregnancy. I stayed the same size even with my belly growth so I can see myself wearing this again in the future post pregnancy.

You can find it here.


The tri-colored leggings are not your typical plain black maternity legging. I wanted to have a little color in my wardrobe to stay true to my sometimes non-black & white wardrobe. This was the perfect legging for that purpose. I love how light it feels, breathable material that feels like comfort and second skin. I felt free and easy in it. See the video on how I made it extra comfortable around the belly area.

Find them here.


This is such a soft bra that feels lightweight. The quick dry fabric is soft and perfect for sweaty workouts or even just for a casual walk outside. I would wear it to do errands. It’s just an everyday bra that is supportive. It also made my heavier set chest feel secure and in place.

Find it here.


I love how small this can be folded, its easy maintenance with a sporty feel. I would definitely consider this a travel piece because of how lightweight and wrinkle-free it is. It’s not a dust or dander magnet because of the smooth “Poor Boy” rib fabric feel. I can feel dressed up without feeling confined or uncomfortable. Comfort is key during pregnancy!

Find it here.

Sunina Young is a  Carbon38 #Team38 Trainer and a trainer at SLT in New York City. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and use her #Team38 personal link or code SUNINAYOU50 for her #Team38 discount when you shop Carbon38.

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