Taking The New Ciré Legging Out For A Test Drive

The Carbon38 Takara Legging

I teach a lot of different kinds of classes, from Private Yoga Training to group Power Flow Yoga to Yoga Booty Ballet!  Even when I’m not teaching, I like to try different workouts to share my blog and to keep things fun and exciting.  I like to mix it up, so having an outfit that can be versatile and comfortable is really important.


I need the leggings to be tight, but not too tight.  The bra to give enough support but that allows me to breathe and move in it.  I’m sometimes in my workout clothes all day so I need something that is fun, makes me feel like I’m not just in any boring Lululemon pants and that also feels comfortable.

I love this new outfit from Carbon38! The Carbon38 Takara legging and L’URV sports bra allow me to work out comfortably while still staying in style!

My go to outfit: Usually my Black Shiny Leggings (a little sexy chic!), a Spiritual Gangster tank and an oversized Jacket with my Nike sneakers!

I can wear this outfit on a hike… to yoga.. to Yoga Booty Ballet (Dance Cardio).


Not every outfit can work for poses such as side plank or while I take it through my many vinyasas.  This outfit stays in all the right places (there is nothing I hate more than yoga pants that don’t stay high waisted during a workout)!  No one wants to be adjusting their outfit while they’re trying to get their OM on.  That’s one big distraction!

I also love this outfit to attend meetings (with a tank top over of course!) and while working on e-mails, packaging orders for my brand and visiting new studios in L.A.  For my work mode, I’ll usually throw on a jacket to make it a bit more “business professional”. 😉


I love getting outfits that are different and Carbon38 is always my go-to!  What’s your favorite versatile workout outfit?  We all have one that we know we will feel good in no matter where we go!

Danielle Cuccio is a  Carbon38 #Team38 Trainer, an Instructor and the creator of Cuccio Somatology. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and use her #Team38 personal link or code DANIELLEC50 for her #Team38 discount when you shop Carbon38.

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