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Developing Community to Build Your Fitness Following

It’s 2016… fitness, #socialsweat, boutique classes and fancy spandex are all the rage.  There was a time, not too long ago, when Recycle Studio was the only indoor spin studio in the city (shocking, I know). Nowadays, there is a new studio popping up almost as frequently as a new coffee shop opens their doors (wait, are we in Boston or NYC??). The following are three important factors I’ve learned for developing community in your classes in order to build your fitness following.

Social Media:  Is it just me or does it take everyone an average of 15 minutes to create the perfect caption?

Always remember that whatever you post (personal life/professional life/fitness life) is a reflection of your brand, and the brand of the studio(s) that you work for.  You want to balance being an inspiration for people to look up to, but also someone they can grab an iced coffee with after class.  I’m lucky enough to have a last name and nickname that I’ve developed majority of my hashtags from (thanks Dad!).  One night, before my ‪Thursday 6am class, Recycle’s owner Cate Brinch and I were talking about an image to post for class.  She smiled and said “Booch Before Breakfast”. I teach morning, night and weekend classes so of course we followed up with #BoochBeforeBreakfast, #BoochBeforeBed and #BoochBeforeBrunch.  My personal favorite, during football season, is #BoochBeforeBrady 🙂 Go Patriots!

Along with finding ways that you differentiate your social media, I make sure to go through my class rosters and friend/follow riders who were in my classes for the week. I mean, I know we all remember when our favorite fitness instructor friended/followed us! [here’s looking at your Emily Southworth!] It’s always nice to tag your clients in a status/photo after class giving them props for a sweaty, awesome workout – especially if it’s before the sun rises and the rest of the city is still sleeping!  This creates that “fomo” feeling that hooks riders in.  You know you don’t want to miss out!

Gear: Yes, you do need another pair of spandex, and No having three out of four drawers in your dresser for “athleisure” is not at all over the top.

I’ll admit it, I have always had a shopping problem.  In college I was obsessed with sneakers.  I could only wear my game day Nike Air Max kicks walking to and from the field.  Now, trying to relive the glory days, I’ve become obsessed with leggings in my fitness profession.  When I first started teaching, I wanted to separate myself and wear any sort of funky pattern or color for each class.  Fast forward a few years and the number two question I always get (besides, “can you publish your Spotify playlist?!”) is “Where did you get those leggings?!” Carbon38 is where!

Personal Touch:  First one in, last one out!

It’s old school – and it works!  I make it a priority to show up to my class at least a half hour before, and stay for an extra half hour after to connect with clients.  My full time job is in sales, so I have learned that making a personal connection with someone, and then following up with them at another class goes a very long way with people.  I strive to make clients my friends and to celebrate all of life’s milestones (birthdays, babies, special occasions, etc.) in the studio. If having a sweaty #BoochBeforeBirthday party with glow sticks riding to the beat with all your friends is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

As a former NCAA/USA athlete I crave the feeling of leading a team.  In my classes, it’s my personal goal for everyone to feel a part of a team and connected to the community.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in my class, or you’ve been with me since day one – it’s important to me that your experience is filled with good vibes.

If you love what you do it shouldn’t be hard, but if you’re faking it’s obvious.  Be genuine, be humble and most importantly… be a hardworking badass.

Lindsay (Booch) Bucci is a Carbon38 #Team38 Trainer and is a Lead Instructor at Boston’s First Indoor Cycling Studio, Recycle Studio. Spandex in the morning, Spandex in the evening, Suit during 9-5. While in healthcare sales during the regular ‪9am-5pm workday, Booch makes time to teach five classes a week in Boston’s busiest neighborhoods, Back Bay and South End, and co-trains all potential instructors at the studio. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and use her #Team38 personal link or code LINDSAYBUCA50 for her discount when you shop Carbon38.

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