How Becoming a Fitness Instructor Changed My Life

I’ve taken countless workout classes in my lifetime, and I’ve got so many women and men to thank for being such positive inspirations and motivators. Being active is something that’s always been second nature to me. I’ve danced since I could walk, and I have always been passionate about keeping fit almost my entire adult life. Taking myself to a new class isn’t something I struggle with often. In fact, I love to try new things! Now that I’m the one in front of the room, though, things have shifted a bit.

I first started teaching dance when I was in high school. Teaching children was something I was very passionate about. I wanted to pass on the knowledge to the future professional dancers that my mentors had passed on to me. When I first started teaching fitness to my peers, who are closer in age to me than the little ballerinas I was used to, I became extremely aware of the energy in the room. I never used to think about the look on my own face as a class taker. It quickly became clear to me that I had to change my approach not only to teaching but to taking classes as well.


There’s nothing that makes me happier after a class than a client telling me how much they enjoyed the energy and workout during a session. I strive to constantly make sure my room is a judgment-free zone of hard work, sweat, and empowerment to the clients walking in. Something I look forward to in taking a class is the energy from the instructor. I know that I work better when someone in the front of the room is pushing me to work as hard as I can all the while giving hands-on corrections and motivating me.

This doesn’t work for everyone, though. Early on in teaching group classes I had the fear that my classes may not have been tough enough or good enough based on the body language of clients in class, but the fact that they kept returning time after time shows differently. I had to put myself in their shoes and remember that I don’t like smiling while someone is having me do burpees and work my toosh off! Getting to know my clients personally has helped me to understand what each individual needs out of a group class. It’s up to me to provide a killer workout and help people push themselves to get the best result!


With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be difficult to put ourselves first, which is why seeing clients set and attain goals is beyond inspiring. Becoming involved in the fitness community of such a rapid-paced, hardworking city has been such a constant motivator to also take care of myself. After all, if I’m the one at the front of the room that people look to for motivation and inspiration. It’s a little kick in the butt to constantly practice what I preach. Just as I expect my clients to show up and work as hard as they can, I strive to do the same. Getting up at 5AM to go teach isn’t always easy, especially on those cold winter mornings. But when you see clients striving to better themselves, it really becomes something I look forward to. It’s funny how becoming an instructor, to so many wonderful people has had such a positive effect on me. I became an instructor because of my passion for teaching and never realized how much the clients would actually be the ones changing me!

Sarah Grooms is a  Carbon38 #Team38 Trainer and a trainer at Body By Simone in New York City. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and use her #Team38 personal link or code SARAHGRO50 for her #Team38 discount when you shop Carbon38.

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