Boxing is the new Black

How Boxing Has Benefited My Life

I’ve never felt stronger.  Boxing has been the game changer for me.  I teach 10-14 SoulCycle classes a week, so to be honest my body has adapted to that form of cardio.  Do I still get a workout?  ABSOLUTELY.  But cross-training has helped me get stronger on the bike, has prevented injury, and has upped my mental strength.  Finally, I feel like my mental and physical strengths are aligned.

I’ve always been active, but my relationship with working out hasn’t always been productive.  When I put myself through a workout, I would reward myself with unhealthy food or a night out.  “20’s me” would chain myself to the stair master for 30 minutes, go through the motions of a core workout, and call it a day.  A quick, mediocre workout to check a box so that I could guiltlessly get drunk and eat pizza at 2am.  Learning how to box has deepened my awareness of my body in a space, of the presence of my power, of the power of being present, of my commitment to improvement, and the list goes on.  I have outlined why boxing is workout I believe every woman should try.

Boxing has cultivated a relationship between my body and mind.

I have my moments when I put my self-worth in my physical appearance.  If I wake up with a zit, or if I’m feeling a little bloated, it could throw off my energy for the day.  As I improved in the ring, I realized that my success was rooted in my mindset.  If I believed I could nail a combo, if I believed I could push through for another 30 seconds, I WOULD.  I was empowered by my thoughts.  It is certainly a practice.  There are some days when I feel physically strong, but my mind gets in the way of my progress.  There are other days when I feel mentally strong going in and realize that my body is not willing to give 100% that day.  Realizing that every day is going to be a little bit different, releases expectations and allows your full potential for that day to shine.

Boxing has helped me to BREATHE.

Your breath has the power to ground you at any moment, in any situation.  My workout’s at Gloveworx are some of the most physically demanding workouts I have put myself through, but I’ve learned to make my breath louder than any excuse that might run through my head.  My breath quite literally expels sabotaging thoughts.  Syncing breath with movement, especially during a boxing combination, gives the movement a beautiful flow, it calms the mind so the body can WORK.  If you are familiar with the yogic breath, Ujjayi, then you know the calming, centering power of breath.  It might sound strange/dramatic, but HEY it works for me…but hearing my own breath reminds me that I’m alive.  Breathe brings me back to gratitude every time.

Boxing has given me permission to be dramatic when I want to be. 

Granted, I am an actress, so I’ve been known to commit fully to a moment, even if it means I sound or look a little crazy.   I let my sh*t go in the ring.  I grunt, breathe loudly, I create drama in my headspace in order to push through.  Whatever works in the moment, I try to lose myself in it.  I love when people are passionate about what they are doing/achieving.  It inspires me.  So in the ring, I practice that.

Less is more.

I stepped into the ring for the first time a jumping-bean, ready to hit like I’ve seen in the movies.  I quickly learned that the simplicity of the movement was powerful and the most difficult part of learning.  Any extra movement takes away from the energy you put into a jab or a hook.  Simplifying my energy flow changed the way I approached my career, my relationships, my own health.  What do I want?  How can I get there efficiently, authentically, and powerfully?

Finally, I am celebrating milestones more often. 

The little victories are filling me up.  The end goal is no longer my one and only focus.  I am enjoying the challenge that boxing gives me every damn time.  I love celebrating my progress and the progress of those around me who are at different levels.  Lifting other people up will lift you up.  IT’S SCIENCE.  We are like family at Gloveworx.  Leyon Azubuike has cultivated a special place where people train to get stronger physically AND mentally.  Clients feel SEEN in that gym.  My coach, Dustin, keeps expectations high while giving major praise for progress.  I’ve whipped him with my sweaty pony hundreds of times, and he still lets me come back.  What an angel.

Trying something new is NEVER easy.  In fact, the beginning is SO AWKWARD and UNCOMFORTABLE.  But hey, you’re not alone.  Jump into the ring.  If you’re not “good” at it, GREAT!  Then you have progress to make and that’s the fun part.  Seek the challenge, it will change you.

Lindsey Simcik is a  Carbon38 #Team38 Trainer and an Instructor at SoulCycle in Southern California. Check out her podcast Almost 30 or find her on Instagram, Facebook, and use her #Team38 personal link or code LINDSEYSIM50 for her discount when you shop Carbon38.

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